keep on weaving, keep on weaving…

As my knitting past time gets put on the back burner (apologies to my husband for his unfinished sweater), I shift my focus to weaving.  I have been using my  rigid heddle loom on almost a weekly, if not daily,  basis for the past 4 months or so, I spent much of last Spring making little squares on a pin loom, and have now taken to trying out tapestry weaving on a little children’s loom I purchased for my birthday at the end of March.

I thoroughly enjoy using my Cricket rigid heddle loom, and I’m constantly trying out new combinations of textured yarns or new techniques beyond plain weave with it, but I still find myself limited with what I can do on such a small loom.  I don’t have the option at this point of moving up to a larger floor loom (beyond my dreams, that is), so I am now challenging myself on the smaller loom.  And a challenge it is.  Well, at least one aspect of it.


I love using my new little loom.  I can take it with me to weave on the go, as I did this past weekend as my youngest competed in a “Math Olympics.”  I just know that this will be my stand-by distraction on the soccer pitch this summer, too. I love the improvisational nature of the loom; so far, I haven’t used any plan or design going into a project, I’ve just worked in the scraps and ends of yarn that I’ve had on hand to make a little piece of art.  It’s the finishing of the projects that is challenging.  Finishing up a project on the little loom is very different from work on the rigid heddle loom or the pin loom.  There is no way to release the tension of the warp before removing the work from the loom, and once it is removed, I can’t seem to keep the weave consistent.  In the books I’ve looked at so far, they make it look so easy and straight forward; this is obviously a skill I need to develop.

So far, I’ve finished 3 mini tapestries on my loom.  One success (see the photo at the top of this post), one moderately “okay” piece, and one so mangled in it’s removal from the loom, that I doubt that there will be little I can do to save it.  But I will not let this “challenge” keep me from enjoying my new passion.  The best I can do, is to weave more and more on my little loom, so that I can play around with finishing techniques


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