so long KrunchyKnits, hello kirsty’s kurios

It’s been a while since I was blogging on a regular basis, and it is time I returned to this forum as a means of expression.  Previously, I had a blog, KrunchyKnits (don’t ask), which focused mostly on projects on the go, but it seemed to fall flat on its face in 2015 when I hit a creative wall and just couldn’t seem to write anything about what I was making.

In late 2015, I discovered the world of Instagram : a sort of instant blog where the photo does all of the talking, and there is no need to worry about writing.  A way to instantly share my work:  extremely gratifying.

But now, it’s time to return to the blogging arena, because not everything I’d like to say about my fibre crafts, especially the process, can be said with a single photo. Hence, the creation of this kirsty’s kurios blog.

kirsty’s kurios is the name I go by at the local craft fairs and shows.  I’ve worked through 2 holiday craft seasons so far, and have met with a fairly positive response.  Although I started selling my knitwear, mostly scarves, hats, and ornaments,  I have shifted focus to weaving and find it incredibly satisfying.  I hope that you enjoy reading about my experiments and projects on the loom, along with my continual exploration of all of the fibre arts.

Thank you, Kirsty


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